'New Beginnings' Title Goes Here

Yes, I'm aware I could have come up with something better, but alas. Hello! Welcome to my new website! I decided to make this and retire the old one because of multiple reasons - too much responsibility on Akos (who's been nothing but nice about it, but still), autonomy over the entirety of my moneymaking endeavours, easier editing, content management, etc. Basically, I was having a hard time with getting around Wordpress and this place seemed like a good solution.

And so it was! I've been listening to podcasters advertise Squarespace for ages, and you know, I'll be the first to admit that even my not-too-tech savvy ass managed to build this thing with relative ease. So cool, right?? 

As you might have noticed, the print shop has been stripped off from this site too. I've done a lot of thinking and research in the past couple of months about what people prefer as merch platforms, whether there's a preference at all, if there is why, a lot of questions we really should have asked last August, but better late than never, right? As it turns out people tend to trust websites like Etsy/Tictail/etc more than artist owned websites (I guess in a way it makes sense) and personally, it's a lot easier to manage for me too. So the print shop will be moving to Etsy with some of the old stock, a bunch of new prints (originals, BNHA portraits, Dragon Age, etc) soon. 

The other thing that's changed is the commission system - it's moved completely over to e-mail, I think it's a lot easier to manage for both commissioner and for me and that's very very important when back-and-forthing wips and suggestions and ideas. I also opted to do flexible prices instead of flat rates - since the difficulty and time frame of each and every project is different, I think it's only fair if I price stuff based on that, my own time and considering you as well. 

I hope this all sounds good, it's certainly a big positive change for me - and hopefully it will stay that way too. 

Thank you for reading! ❤️🌱